Our tool provides an independent self-assessment at all levels of the organization. The CORE of our survey engine is based on organizational characteristics. Based on the characteristics, the tool identifies enablers and sustainers.


Go a layer beneath the practices

We believe that every organization has a level of agility that needs to be identified. Organizations need to go a layer beneath the practices to identify their current level of agility and whether the practices they are implementing suite their environment.

We believe that quantifiable results may accelerate executives to truly buy-in and commitment to an agile adoption.

Discover your organizational readiness

We believe that it begins with awareness and honest assessment. Just like running a marathon, an organization need to assess its strengths and opportunities. This will help in getting the organization prepared to start with the right set of practices. It will also give a preview of a possible roadmap that could be systematically implemented to enable and sustain the agile adoption efforts.

We believe that conducting an agile assessment survey to identify organizational elements that are strong, and ready to support the agile adoption, and other elements that are not ready to support.

Create your own story

We believe that every organizations has a next step to take to be more agile. No external force can make an organization take that step, it has to be ready to take it. The organization has to create its own story.

We believe that an independent self-assessment at multiple levels of the organization is an essential component to creating your story.

"This is exactly the data we were looking for."

VP of a fortune 100 company



No need for complicated excel spreadsheet surveys. ReadyforAgile is an enterprise-level analytics tool that provides INSIGHTS on organizational readiness for scaling agile. ReadyforAgile is a self-assessment tool which allow your organization to collect data from as many people as you need across the organization.



ReadyforAgile provides insights on 52 organizational characteristics which are then rolled up to 5 core competencies. The tool can also be configured to select the characteristics that are relevant to your environment.

Unlimited participants

You can upload the participants name and emails in 2 easy steps. Each participant will receive an email with their user name, password and a link to the assessment survey.

Customize your indicators

Our database has more than 100 indicators (questions) that could be used when crafting your survey. We will help you come up with the indicators that provide the best insight for your organizational readiness. You can also choose which role can view which indicator (question) in order to be relevant to that role.

Monitor survey participation

View how many participants have not started, started but not finished or completed the survey. This gives you an idea of the participation rate and whether it reaches your set boundaries so that you can close the survey and report the results. You can also send reminders for participants who have not started or started but not finished the survey.

Slice and dice the data

Drill down on organizational characteristics to view different perspectives based on the demographics. Demographics can include defined roles, company titles, region or team. You could also drill down to the indicators to view how it was answered by role. You could also filter the results by demographics.


$450Month (Billed Annually)


  • One Assessment Survey
  • Free Setup & Support
  • Free sub-domain
  • Documentation & Tutorials
  • Unlimited Users
  • Demographics
  • Reports
  • Admin Dashboard
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  • Unlimited assessments
  • Free Setup & Support
  • Free sub-domain
  • Documentation & Tutorials
  • Unlimited Users
  • Demographics
  • Reports
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Customized surveys
  • INSIGHTS (Analysis of results presentation)
  • Consulting Support (up to 4 hours)



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